Aluminum can design

aluminum cans

In the last few years there have been a quite steady increase in aluminum can consumption which means that the demand for beverages packaged in cans is only growing. But manufacturers of these cans and also beverages think not only about the demand but about how to make these cans more efficient and more enjoyable to the consumers.

That is where the aluminum can design comes in. Because these cans like any other thing that we can buy are designed and redesigned every so often to change their appearance and lure in more and more customers into buying these cans.

And not only the design of cans have evolved, but also different accessories for can recycling like aluminum can crusher, which has become a popular tool in each home for crushing aluminum cans for easier recycling of empty cans.

The first aspect of the design of the cans is their size. In many countries this size of a standard aluminum can changes. For example if in Australia the standard size for a can is 375 milliliters then in most of Europe it is 330 milliliter. But for beverages like energy drinks the standard in almost whole world is simply 500 milliliters of half a liter.

The next and probably one of the most important aspects in design of a can is the shape of the can itself. It has definitely changed over the years and continues evolving and changing even now.

In 1930s, when cans were first introduced as a beverage storing containers, they were shaped as cylinders with flat top and bottom. But at that time for some, these cans were very annoying invention because of the inconvenient opener at the top of the can. Thats why  the so called cone tops were invented – cans with caps, that opened like milk bottles. They were shaped a little different with a conical tapered top. Nevertheless the regular cans were still more popular.

In 1959 a man invented a new way how to open cans. So can opening mechanism called pull-tab was born. This new invention eliminated the need for any tools to open cans and therefore made it so much easier to do so. But this new invention also posed the problem of sharp edges and litter after opening the can. So came the Sta-tab invention that we know now on every can we see. Around 1970 all of the cans had this new mechanism, but their shape didn’t really change until 1980s when the manufacturers started to make cans with narrowed top. The next change came in 1990 when the can manufacturers started to make them from lighter materials as the demand for cans started to grow very rapidly. This change also reduced the diameter of the can, cutting the manufacturing process and costs for it in half.

And even now can manufacturers are searching for new and more advanced technologies to not only cut the prices of production but to make the cans better and also to lessen their impact on the environment.

Design of bicycles and parts

desing of bicycles

Bicycle is used not only for travelling or sports, but also is a good way to express your style. Bicycle design has change by the years and today’s bicycle differs pretty much from the first cycles. First of all, there are many types of bicycle. Some time ago bicycles did not differ one from another, but today we can choose from multiple types of bikes. You can ride with casual bikes, bikes for sport, leisure bikes, multi use bikes and even stylish bikes. All these bicycle types main purpose is to give rider a comfortable and fast ride, but today, most of them are made not only comfortable, but also beautiful at the same time.

We could not imagine old bicycles mainly used in war to be colorful, with different frame geometries and adjustable bicycle parts. One of the main criteria we watch when buying a bicycle is how it looks. Lets talk about different bicycle and bike part styles.

First of all, there are many types of bicycles for different usage. The most popular ones are mountain bikes. You may think that mountain bike does need to be comfortable and fast, so it can be used to ride on different surfaces. This is the primary value of a mountain bike, but style and looks of the bike is also very important. That is why largest bicycle manufacturers like Specialized, Giant, Trek, GT and others are investing a lot of money to built as beautiful bicycles as possible. That is why there are new lines of bicycles coming out each year for these large bicycle manufacturers. And because most of the time each bicycle part is not made in the same factory by the same manufacturer, each company need to find the most suitable parts for their bikes. This is why largest bicycle and bike part manufacturers have contracts with each other, so all parts of the bicycle are made in a certain style to match the overall style of each years bicycles.

One trend that has become popular couple of years ago are fixed gear bicycles. When hipster style became popular, they determined few trends. The most popular trend war rebirth of vintage accessories. And one of the main accessory that characterizes hipster culture is fixed gear bicycle. It looks similar to old road bikes and basically uses the same parts, for example, a fixed gear cog in opposite to today’s mostly used freewheel hub. Fixed gear bicycle of fixies on short are the new trend for bicycle. However, they have become a lot less vintage by using a newer, stronger, better looking parts in many colors. Fixed gear bicycle was used by couriers and other type of people, who needed to ride fast around the city. Now, fixed gear bikes are mostly used by younger generation. This is why bicycles are made a lot more appealing and also have more durable parts. There are even some contests for fixed gear bicycles, and some of the fixies are used for jumping and performing tricks, similar to bmx. Fixies really shows how bicycle design evolution is unpredictable and you cannot tell when old school styles will be in trend again. This is why you should never throw away your old bicycle, because after some time bicycles we use to today can become trendy again, similar as we can see with old cars. And last thing to note is that bicycle design usually changes together with general people lifestyle and clothing trends, and as these things are changing frequently, there is no doubt that we will see new bicycle styles developing in the future.

Garden design

garden designGarden is a place where you can relax, chill out, throw a party or barbecue or simply take care of flowers and other plants and grow your own vegetables and spaces. It can be beautiful and peaceful place and it is always a great addition to any house. But there is an art called garden design that lets you turn your garden into fantastic space filled with intricate flower and bush designs, fountains, trees and any other stuff you can imagine to find in a garden. It is the way to turn your garden into wonderland.

The garden design actually stands for the process of laying out plants and planting your garden and other landscapes so that they look beautiful and in a certain way. Think of the most beautiful park or garden you have seen and thought – Who created something so beautiful? Chances are it was a garden designer or garden architect.

But you don’t  always have to hire an actual designer to create beautiful garden and design it a certain way. You can do it on your own. You just have to consider a few points to get you started and then you can start creating your dream garden.

At first you need to consider the location of the garden you will be designing. The layout of the garden, the relief and other features like hills, slopes or water body will all play into the design of the garden and you need to think of the best way to incorporate all the garden features in its design. Also the fact that weather it is in the city or in a rural area will determine the nature of the garden.

Next up you need to consider what is the soil like in your garden. Not all plants can and will grow in the same type of soil so you need to consider the soil in able to determine the types of plants you can place in the garden. Of course a lot can be done with minerals and nutrients to influence the plants and force them to grow in a medium they aren’t used to, but that will require a lot more work when caring for them, so I would suggest to go with plants and trees that at least are used to similar soil if not the exact one, for you to have easier time with them.

Also think about the boundaries of your garden and how they can come into play regarding the design of your garden. If the garden have a boundary with forest or livestock meadow then that will all play a big part of how you will design your garden. Also you can create new boundaries and section off your garden if it is big enough in for example resting area, dining area and any other ones you can think of.

And lastly you can think of the the feel you want for your garden. Different cultures have different tastes for example persian gardens are aesthetic but Asian gardens have asymmetrical qualities to them. I recommend to look into the history for inspiration too because in different eras there were different garden traditions and garden designs.

When you have considered all these points it is time to do the planning of the garden. Think of the flowers, the plants and the trees you want in your garden. Then consider the way the pathways will look and from what materials you want them to be. Then it is time to consider whether you want any sculptures or fountains in your garden. And lastly consider the furniture. Only remember that the furniture need to be durable enough to endure different conditions as it will be placed outside. And don’t forget about the appliances and tools you will be needing to create your dream garden.

T shirt design

T Shirt designT-shirt is one of the easiest and most comfortable articles of clothing one can put on and nowadays there are so many options available from many different colors, prints, cuts and lengths. But if you can’t find a design that suits  your needs or wants then why not design and print your own t-shirt?

Nowadays there are special technologies invented that are able to print over basically anything and therefore also t-shirts. That is a great way how to show off your personality or your preferences, likes or hobbies, because you can print word, pictures, symbols or anything else on your t-shirt that represents who you are.

T-shirt design also is a great way for brands, firms and companies to show off their logos or brand names and popularize them. They can give the t-shirts for their workers to wear or give out at events or to their clients as a gift, that way they not only seem more pleasant and giving but the more t-shirts are worn by people the more free advertising your company or brand gets.

Moreover you can even make a custom t-shirt and give it as a gift to somebody. Put on a picture of you and your friend, friend’s favorite quote,something funny or memorable, or simply something that you know will serve as reminder of your friendship.That way your friend will be able to remember you or an event. And because it is a t-shirt it will be worn often and every time your friend will wear it he or she will remember you.

And you can also print your favorite sports team logo, colors or any other thing that you know represent the team. This way you won’t have to purchase the t-shirts that are sold in events and are usually way too expensive. But you will still be able to support your favorite team during a game or in everyday.

Making your own t-shirt designs by printing on it pictures, words, quotes, sayings or anything else is a simple, nice and also pretty inexpensive way how to take a plain t-shirt and make it into something very cool.

Unique place, where to put your designed commericals

zorbing commercial

Commercial design is one of the most important part of successful advertisement. Every advertisement has to tell a message, and one of the most used ways to tell that story is by creating attractive and good looking commercials. Design of commercial is important, but also important is the place you put your designed advertisement. Different commercials need to be placed in different places. For example, you want to put car commercial on spot, which is easy visible for drivers, while driving. You can put food commercials on the stores. You can place electronic device commercials on the internet. There are a lot of examples that commercials works best in environment that is related to your selling product niche. But there are also exception areas, where you can successfully put your designed commercial. These special areas usually stand out of the rest, and people pay attention to them. And one place, where you can place your advertisements are zorbing balls or human hamster balls.

Human hamster ball is unique looking large plastic ball. These balls are made even 3 meters tall. Zorbing is new sports and not many people have tried it and a lot of people have not even seen a human hamster ball in real life. And because of that, you can be sure that person, who sees the large human hamster ball for the first time will be surprised and will stop to see, what it is and what it does. So basically, this is a great place to put your designed commercial. And that is one of the reasons, beside riding the ball and using it for sports activities, how zorbing balls are used. Zorbing balls are used on adventure parks, are rented to companies for cooperative parties, and people buy them for personal usage.

Zorb balls are made from plastic and it is easy to put your product picture or company logo on the zorbing ball. Whatever service, product or anything else you are selling or promoting, you can put picture of it and some contact information of your company, like telephone number or e-mail, and you can be pretty sure, that people will notice your product on the large zorbing ball. Another way you can use zorbing balls for advertising your product or service is by finding a company that rents zorbing balls to people and other companies, and try to make a deal with them, that you can place your designed advertisement on the zorb ball and pay some fee to that company. They will rent zorbing ball to other companies and you can be sure that you designed advertisement will be noticed by people, which will use the large human hamster ball. You can also go to adventure parks, where zorbing balls are used, and ask them if they are willing to put your commercial on the zorbing ball for some fee. This way you can reach a lot of people from different groups, which are visiting the adventure park and riding the human hamster ball. If you want to buy a zorb ball for your company, you can put your advertisement on the zorb and bring it to holiday parties or on different events, and be sure, that many people will be surprised, when they will first see the large human hamster ball and will definitely notice your advertisement on the zorbing ball.

All in all, there are many ways you can promote your company, product, service or commercial on the human hamster ball and reach many people, by putting commercial on human hamster ball on adventure parks, on rentable zorb balls or you can buy your own human hamster ball and put commercial on it. You can be sure that people will pay attention to the large plastic ball and will see your placed commercial on the gigant zorbing ball.

PET bottle design

cxxzczxEvery day we use PET plastic bottles for transporting liquids like water and soft drinks but also other liquid substances. PET bottles are usually blow molded from a single plastic mold in a process where the plastic is heated and then air is pusher trough the opening so the sides become enlarged and expand throughout the cooled metal mold. This process is quick and cheap but it has some limitations to the shape and form that those bottles can be created in and that is the reason why most beverage bottles look similar to one another and there are not crazy shapes.

Because of this process in which the plastic bottles are made, designers are very limited to the design that can be created for all these PET bottles. IF you have ever looked closely at those designs that are available then you can see that almost all of them are equal with just some minor changes in the ridges on the sides and sometimes there are some minor changes on the bottom where the bottle meets the ground as this is usually the weakest point where most PET bottles break when they get damaged. But if we really think about this problem of great design in the bottle industry I bet we could come up with a better apparatus for creating beautiful and stylish bottles. Even using the same blow molding mechanism why is no one making rectangular shapes or some handles that would allow the user to hold these bottles more efficiently and create better liquid holding abilities in the same form factor rectangle comparing it with today’s round bottles.

Of course the round double bend shape gives additional strength to the structure as the same shape is used on dam’s and glass structures to increase their strength, but is this strength really so necessary? If we take the regular non carbonated water then I think the overall strength of the bottle does not need to be that great and even carbonated beverages if not shaken rapidly will not need structures that can only have those double bend angles.

My hope is to give your attention to this bottle design and when you buy your next drink examine how is this bottle made and how is it different from similar beverages but the most important part is to think how you could improve that design!

Image Formats and Where to Use them

When creating a website, sending images to a friend or uploading them on your favorite picture sharing platform you have many options to chose from when it goes to image standards or formats. Each of these formats is a little bit different and you have probably heard about some or all of them but they are all basically algorithms that somehow compress those images as they are simply made from pixels and each individual pixel needs a different color. This means a lot of information has to go inside one individual image but on the web the best thing is smaller size as everything need to be downloaded and we need some mechanisms to compress these images, so here come in these image formats or standards. There are three main image formats and I will try to briefly explain what they are:



GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format and it is a file format specially designed for images on the WEB. This format uses only 256 colors and that means that it will hugely decrease your typical image size. GIF format is one of the most popular image standards on the web and it has a great bonus that allows you to create transparent images or rather it keeps the transparency when you convert to GIF format.



Joint Photographic Experts Group is one of the best file formats to use for photographs and other images that need to retain the full color spectrum as JPG uses RGB color scale and that means millions of colors can be used. JPG is still a web format and that means it uses a algorithm that selectively combines pixels and their colors to reduce the overall file size. Because JPG is a very widely used format when transforming your images in this format you can use various compression algorithms by selecting the quality of your image and if you select lower quality more of that file reduction will be done and your image will become increasingly smaller in size.



PNG or Portable Network Graphics is a file format that was specially created for the world wide web and it is a somewhat in-between format between JPG and GIF as it also has a transparency option but it allows to create images in million of colors. PNG images are smaller than JPG and they can have the same quality but another benefit is that transparency that can come in handy in various different websites and other usages.

Future smartphone design

We have all thought about the future in one way or another and how cool will the technologies of tomorrow will be. But have you thought about mobile phone future? I thing that we will still need phones and if we will not have glasses that can be used like phones then mobile devices will still exist and here are some concept phones for the future:

Philips Fluid Flexible Concept

This concept phone uses a liquid battery and an OLED display to give you a flexible bracelet like device that can be dismantled and created into a bracelet that you can put around your wrist. This phone concept looks stunning and that full body display makes it look really great.

Philips Fluid

Nokia 888 Concept

Nokia has created this concept phone as one of the best looking flexible devices you could have in the future. 888 has a flexible OLED touch screen and a liquid battery that can be bent and will still work. Nokia 888 has a full touch screen on the front but a padded back side that will keep it in hand and create a better grip.

Nokia 888

Kambala Ear-Phone

This is a beautiful design where a Smartphone has been designed to work as an earphone in the sense that you can flip it open and put it on your ear. This concept also uses liquid battery technology and a touch screen but it also has a lot of sensors on both sides for interaction and various different functions.


Nokia Morph

Our last concept is the coolest of them all and that is the Nokia Morph Smartphone that uses nanotechnology to deliver a flexible multiple shape device that can be shaped in many different positions and with the help of nanotechnology transform into radically different device like earphone or cell phone but also a tablet and a lot more.

Nokie Morph

Mobile phone accessories evolution

Same as with evolution of mobile phones, mobile phone accessories has also evaluated pretty much in since mobile phones become available for anyone. In the beginning of mobile phone production, when phones were used for military purposes, no one could think that big, brick looking like mobile phone could one day have many hundreds of different accessories that will make them more attractive, stronger, more convenient, sound better or even take better photographs. Today, our mobile phones or smartphones have lots of accessories to choose from, and you will be able to find an accessory for practically any iPhone or Android smartphone that is manufactured today. iPhones have different cases, covers, protectors and speakers. Android accessories range is even more larger. Some most popular examples are colorful smartphone covers that will make a smartphones design more appealing. Android docking stations and speaker docks that connects to a smartphone, streams and plays music or radio on quality speakers. Protective cases that will protect a smartphone from any types of impacts and damages and helps to save android device in good condition for longer time. But how all these useful accessories developed over time?

docking station for smartphones

90s phone accessories

cell phone accessoriesFirst mobile phone accessories started to appear in beginning of 90s. As mobile phones started to get smaller, thinner and lighter, it was also more easier to break them. So there needed to be a solution to protect mobile phone from external impacts and damages. The best way to do this was to get some sort of cover for your mobile phone. This is when the first mobile phone accessories were invented – mobile phone cases. These cases were made from leather or similar materials and had transparent plastic cover in front of the screen, to protect it from scratches. These mobile phones cases were made large phones even more larger, so you will not see these kinds of mobile phone cases today, as every smartphone needs to be as thin and light as possible.

Design changes for phone accessories

After first smaller mobile phones came out, without antennas and huge battery in back of the phone, new types of accessories also were made, like mobile phone covers. These were very popular those days, and anyone with a mobile phone wanted a cool cover, so their phone could look different and individual form other people’s phones. There were not a lot of phones you could get, and not lots of customization possibilities, so colorful mobile phone cover was a way to make your mobile phones design look different from similar phones design.

Smartphone accessories

When first colored screen mobile phones with cameras came out, there was new range of accessories, like external mobile phone cameras, different earphones, bluetooth microphones smaller and lighter cases and also a lot more covers for mobile phones.

The next turnpoint of mobile accessories design were introduction of smartphones. Thanks to the fast growing count of smartphones, a lot more new accessories were developed for all types of smartphones, from iPhone, to Android phones, to Windows phone, Blackberry and others. Now, you can customize how your phone looks, sounds, enhance durability of the phone and make other adjustments to improve usage of your phone.

Mobile Phone Design Evolution

Mobile phones are one of electronic devices that has evolved the fastest. And not only in technological ways, but also in design. And this of course is pretty obvious, as development and evolution is also pushing design of mobile phones. Some of us may remember the first cell phones that were introduced to mass production several decades ago, and since then ways how we communicate with each other pretty much changed.

First Mobile phones

90s mobile phoneOld mobile phones were really large and looked more like bricks with antennas than something mobile, that you can carry with you all the time in pocket or purse. Mobile phones as many other technologies we use today, were first developed and used for military needs. And as you may know, there is no need for beautifully designed mobile phones in army. The essential need is to be able to communicate with other mobile phones, when it is needed, and to be durable enough to stand war conditions. When mobile phones got to mass production and everyone could buy them (well not everyone of course, but those, who had lots of money those days), the design of mobile phones changes pretty fast. First companies were made that started to produce mobile phones for masses. And if they wanted to be successful in rapidly growing mobile phone market, they needed to put huge attention to the design of mobile phones. In couple of years mobile phone design evaluated fast, and phones got multiple times smaller, thinner and lighter, but of course much larger and heavier than we see now. Antennas were shrinked 10 times smaller as radio communication technologies improved. In beginning of 90s some larger cell phone manufacturers were on top of mobile phone market, like Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola and others, that dictated the mobile phone designs. New types of mobile phone forms and corpuses were introduced, like phones with openable case, and phones with sliding corpus. Prices of mobile phones at this time were more friendlier to regular people, and not only the rich people could afford a new mobile phone.

Late 90s and 20s Mobile Phones

Next breakthrough in mobile phone design were colored displays and different sound format supporting mobile phones. This changed design of phones, because younger generation started to interest in mobile phones because of those new, cool technologies. More new manufacturers started mass production of mobile phones like Samsung and Sony. Smartphone design were a lot more fun and appealing. Black tones were replaced by colorful and bright tones. Mobile phones had changeable covers, so anyone could get a personalized mobile phone cover. Technologies and design of mobile phone evolved by months, and new inventions of mobiles phones were introduced to market.

first iphone


todays smartphonesThe last huge turning point for mobile phone design and development is the one that we are seeing now – smartphones. Thanks to Apple first iPhone, touch screens were introduced to mobile phones, because of internet and other possibilities new mobile phones could do, mobile phones now are being called smartphones. This changed mobile phone design 180 degrees around.Large displays, flat designs, thinner and lighter phones with front and rear facing cameras were just few inventions that smartphone had over previous types of mobile phones. Now we can see each year that smartphones are getting larger, thinner, displays are getting larger, and we are seeing less none display surfaces on our smartphones, sides of display are getting thinner to save weight and size of the phone.From design point, new materials are used for smartphone manufacturing like Aluminum body that looks and feels much better and more expensive than plastic. Smartphone covers are not as colorful as 10 years ago, but you can get different accessories for you smartphones, so you can customize the look and design of you smartphone as you want.